D/P Stirring HotPlate


產品型號:ECHOtherm HS40
 產品名稱:D/P Stirring HotPlate

Fully Programmable Digital Stirring Hot Plates 

Model HS40 Features::
? 10-program memory stored in CMOS. No batteries. 
? Each program can be 10 steps, where 1 step is a temperature, stirring speed, time, and heating rate. 
? Repeat any program 1 to 98 times automatically. Infinite repeats settable, too. 
? Programmable and non-programmable operation.
? Platinum RTD temperature measurement for ±1% accuracy. 
? Solid ceramic heater top for quick heating on a flat, white, chemically resistant surface. 
? Temperature ramping for exact heating and cooling rates. 
? PID temperature control to 1°C on plate surface or solution with accessory probe.
? Stir up to 4 liters of aqueous solutions from 100 to 1500 rpm. 
? Timer to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds with user settable Auto-off. 
? Electronic calibration stored in CMOS. 
? RS232 interface for control or recording data via a computer.
? Custom display of all parameters all the time. 
? 12-month warranty. 
? UL, CSA and CE compliant 
Product Description:

Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm programmable digital stirring hot plates are the most advanced and easy to use units available. In manual operation, simply select the parameter to be set and scroll the UP or DOWN ARROW to the value needed. The unit will do the rest. In the programmable mode, routines can be stored for instant recall and use. Run any program by touching RUN, selecting the program number using the UP and DOWN ARROW, and ENTER. The routine stored will run automatically, without attention, and exactly the same time after time. 
Programs can be simple or complex depending upon the need. Multiple temperatures, temperature ramp rates, stirring speeds and timed events can be stored. When run, the unit monitors the program to be sure it runs exactly as written. SET IT AND FORGET IT.

The units use a 100 ohm platinum system to measure temperature. There is a sensor built into the heater plate that is used with the heater plate control loop software to control the heater plate temperature. When using an accessory temperature probe, sample temperature of a solution can be set and controlled directly using the temperature probe control loop. Four temperature probes are available. Two stainless steel probes, one 6” and one 10” in length, are the most commonly used. For aggressive chemicals, solid Teflon and borosilicate glass are available in 6” lengths. The glass probe should be used for aggressive chemicals at solution temperatures above 260°C. Calibration for both plate and probe sensors is done at the factory and stored in CMOS. The units are provided with certificates of calibration traceable to NIST. Calibration also can be done by the user, using local standards, by following the instructions in the user’s manual.
The heater top is solid ceramic glass that is flat, white, and impervious to most chemicals. The ceramic glass plate is held in a cast aluminum frame. Unlike other ceramic glass tops, it has no folded edges that can cause built-in stresses that can cause the tops to crack. It is excellent for working with solutions in a beaker. The ceramic top will heat to 450°C in about 2 minutes. 
The chassis is cast aluminum designed to keep spills and heat from the electronics, and it is coated with chemically resistant epoxy paint. The membrane switch and display are covered by a replaceable clear, soft, vinyl cover designed to keep off dirt and spills. All units come with a six-foot long, three wire, grounded, detachable AC line cord, fuse holder, main ON-OFF switch and instruction manual.

Product Specification:
Memory capacity  10 programs 
Individual Program Capacity  10 steps
Repeat a program automatically 1 to 98 times or infinitely

Temperature Measurement: 
Platinum RTD, 100 ohm at zero, in plate and probe Range 0 to 450°C
Readability 1°C

Hot Plate: 
Dimensions  8” (20.3 cm) x 8” (20.3 cm) 
Maximum plate temperature 450°C 
Temperature control type PID
Temperature accuracy  1% ± 
Temp stability 1°C 
Heater power in watts 600W

Speed range unloaded 100 to 1500 rpm
Readability 1 rpm 
Settability nearest 10 rpm

Available in  100, 115, & 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 600 W
Fused both high and neutral lines 
Line cord Detachable,6-foot (1.8 meter), three- wire grounded

Dimensions unpacked   
Width 9.125” (23.18 cm)
Depth 15.75” (40.01) 
Height 4.75” (12.07 cm) 
Dimensions packed   
Length 18.25” (46.36 cm) 
Height 9.5” (24.13 cm)
Width 12.25” (31.12 cm) 
Weight, unpacked  12 pounds (5.4 kg)
Weight packed for shipment  14 pounds (6.3 kg)

Accessories Available:
HS30-550 RS232, Factory installed 
HS30-600 Probe, Immersion, 6" stainless steel 
HS30-601 Probe, Immersion, 10" stainless steel 
HS30-602 Probe, Immersion, 6" solid Teflon 
HS30-603 Probe, Immersion, 6" solid glass 
HS30-700 Temperature Probe Calibration Kit

Fully Programmable Digital Stirring Hot Plates 


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